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Ethical Dilemma: Duty to Warn?

(February 3, 2001) In the Psychology field, we have a duty to warn if a client vocalizes intent and means to harm. It has been very controversial, nevertheless, it is the Law.

Astrologers, who face oodles of criticism for what they do, are frequently faced with a similar, but different dilemma. If they see the potential for a violent time frame, do they sit back and watch or do they say something? And if they do say something, does it help to manifest the violence, or prevent it?

These are some of the questions I struggle with as an Astrologer. Just imagine if you had a program that had the ability to forecast up-and-coming psychological climate of the people -- much like a meteorologist predicting the weather. And, that this program could offer enough time to put in place preventative measures for potentially dangerous forecasts. If you can imagine this -- then Astrology begins to have a more respected place in our society. Astrology offers us foresight, and more time to make the higher-minded decision.

So, if I could help to prevent violence or loss -- I would -- if I could. I would just like to say for now that we are in for some very NASTY weather!

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